Music Theatre Classes

SOPAC Ottawa offers Music Theatre classes for ages 8-14 through the academic year in 3 sessions. Performers from beginner to advanced levels have an opportunity to work on their stage skills, singing, acting movement and more!   For health and safety reasons, class sizes this year will have a maximum of (5) participants until further notice. 


Fall Schedule

Musical Theatre Class Level I

Ages 8-14 Beginner: 0-2 years of voice, dance or theatre

Saturdays @ 10-11 am 

12 Wks: Sept 11th - Dec 11th

$325 (tax incl)

Musical Theatre Class Level II

Ages 8-14 Intermediate: 1+ years of (2) of voice, dance or theatre

Thursdays @ 6pm-7pm                     

Saturdays @ 11:15 am - 12:15pm               

12 Wks: Sept 11th - Dec 11th

$325 (tax incl)

Musical Theatre Class Level III

Ages 10-14  Advanced: 2+ years of (2) voice, dance and/or theatre

Tuesdays @ 6pm 

12 Wks: Tuesdays @ 6-7pm       

$325 (tax incl)

Location:  1716 Woodward Ave, Ottawa (Camerata Music)

Payment Options: Etransfer or credit card*

*Service fees are applied to all credit card transactions

Fall Special Event!

Participants in the fall Musical Theatre classes will be working toward a joint project with ASNY presenting Music Theatre International's global presentation of "All Together Now!" which will be performed November 12/13/14 in Ottawa!   Class participants will also have a performance in December at the end of year recital. 

Everyone is welcome!