Program Information

SOPAC is pleased to offer programming for Junior performers ages 8-12 in both beginner and advanced levels as well as Seniors performers ages 13-16 in beginner and advanced level programming. All students will enjoy the experience of being on stage, selecting and creating costumes and props, learning music and dance choreography and meeting other like-minded friends!

Advanced performers in both categories are for those who have previous experience with our program, or the like, and want to be challenged with solos, duos and individual theater and music skills.  Participants will have an opportunity to work in more one-on-one coaching rehearsals and have the opportunity to record We make every effort to accommodate each performer so they have a fulfilling and exciting experience. Advanced singers will also have an opportunity to record a solo with our recording engineer! 

Camp Hours:

Drop-off: 8am-9am; Pick-up: 4pm-4:45pm

(There is NO extra charge for before and after care however a fee of $5 will be charged for each 15 min interval a child is late being picked-up)


Week Sessions:


                      Week 1:   July 15th - 19th

                      Week 2:   July 22nd - 26th


                      Week 3:  Aug 12th - 16th

                      Week 4: Aug 19th - 23rd

Multiple weeks of camp are available separately or consecutively. 

How Are Camp Days Set-Up?

Camp programming operates in rotating stations in order to keep participants engaged!

Stations will be based on the various projects performers are working on. 


Station 1: Design Center

- Visual Arts area where performers get to creatively plan their characters, costumes, setting etc. 

Station 2: Rehearsal Corner

- Performers work one-on-one or in a duo/trio with a music counselor to learn and sing their parts!

Station 3: Listening Station

A great opportunity for performers to periodically have a chance to listen to recordings and watch performances of the pieces they are preparing. 


In and around the stations, either all together or broken into groups your performer will:

  • Have dance and choreography lessons

  • One-on-one time with a singing teacher and pianist 

  • Complete their blocking/staging while learning acting tips and tricks for their songs. 

  • Participate in sets/painting/costume selection

  • YOGA

  • Lunch & Outdoor Activity Time

  • Prepare to record a single with a real sound engineer.

  • Have Headshots photos like the pros! 


Manderley Golf Course is pleased to offer an exceptional lunch program to our campers.

Fresh meals are served each day with fruit, veggies, juice/water as well as the main choice for that day.

(*Dietary restrictions or allergies can be accommodated.)

                     Cost per week per camper is $45.00

For more details, please contact us directly.      Catered lunch is OPTIONAL.


Questions?  Send us a note!