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group classes

SOPAC Ottawa offers youth music and theatre classes through the academic year in 3 sessions: Sept-Dec, Jan-March, and April-June. Performers from beginner to advanced levels have an opportunity to work on their stage skills, singing, acting movement and more!    Each term offers different musical projects ranging from complete broadway ensemble numbers and small group work (Duos/Trios) to   full shows!      

ages 5-7

 Music & Theatre Discovery 

An introduction to music, movement and theatre for our youngest performers. A perfect place to start!

ages 8-11

 Intro to Musical Theatre 

This class is ideal for first time performers and those with just a little bit of dance, acting or singing under their belt! Two class times to choose from.

ages 9-13

 Youth TROOP 

Our MT Troop caters to the above aged performer who has some previous experience in group or solo program with SOPAC or other. Some knowledge of music is beneficial.

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ages 13-16

 Teen TROOP 

The oldest of our youth programs, Teen Troop performers vary in experience - ALL are welcome! Repertoire is chosen to support those registered. 

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Fall 2023 Group Class DoubleBill

Check out our latest production! 

Did you know that SOPAC often participates in the Kiwanis Music Festival ensemble categories



Q: Does my performer need to practice at home? If so, how much? 

A: We strongly suggest that each group member practices or reviews their parts between classes. Some weeks, performers will be specifically asked to review while other weeks, very little is required. Our first goal is to have fun while learning. 


Q: Will there be a performance at the end of the term? 

A:  Yes! Almost all our terms end in a performance. Once in a while, we do filmed media for the final concert but usually there is a live performance- project depending. 


Q: Are there extra fees?

A: We try to keep any extra fees associated with our classes to a minimum. SOPAC provides the majority of costumes and props for shows. From time-to-time, performers are asked to bring in the odd basic - for ex: a tank top, black leggings/bottoms, performance blacks. 


Q: Who teaches the classes? 

A: Many of our classes are lead by SOPAC's AD, Morgan Strickland. In addition, we have a wonderful team of assistants and teachers who co-lead various aspects of our classes as well. Co-founder Tania Granata is our in-house collaborative pianist. 


Q: What do we do incase of illness? 

A: Students showing any sign of being unwell (cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat etc) should refrain from coming to class. We do our best to ZOOM students in! Please send us an email with as much notice as possible so we can include all our performers safely. 

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