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Ottawa Summer Camps 2023 
Music - Theatre - Dance

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Make memories this summer and share the experience with a friend! SOPAC Ottawa is committed to bringing a collaborative and fully inclusive artistic and educational experience to performers of all ages. 

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FAQs About Camp...

Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions about our camps!


1. Will my 7 year old be put together in a group with a 15 year old?  

- Ages are subdivided in appropriate groups. You may see 6, 7, and 8 year old performers paired with older performers if they are all participating in the same show. (Ex: Frozen). In small camps, like-aged children tend to work together in groups of their own. 

2. What forms of payment do you accept? 

- We accept both e-transfers and credit card payment. Credit card payments have a fee associated with them per use. 

3. Does my child need to be able to read music? 

- Great question! No - all children, regardless of their level of experience, are able to participate comfortably! 

4. Do you offer drop in camp days? 

- Unfortunately, we don't. Our camps are set-up to accommodate performers from Monday to Friday and we organize events and projects that need that amount of time.  When you see your camper perform on the last day or in their videos, you'll quickly understand what an amazing week it will be!

5. Does my camper have to practice in the evening? 

- Although practice makes perfect, none of the camp performers are required to practice in the evening. However, we might ask them to review video clips or collect various articles for costuming. Ex: a pair of pants, shoes, sunglasses etc to help them with their performance. 

6. What should my child bring to camp? 

- A nut free lunch with 2 snacks (the kids are always very hungry - we keep them busy!) , lots of water (we can refill water bottles), a spare change of clothes for hot sweaty days - the kids will be indoors and outdoors, indoor shoes and running shoes appropriate for outdoors, and  a great attitude! :)  We will send a list to parents/guardians close to each camp if there are specific requirements. 

7. Do you offer virtual camps? 

- We offer virtual, private lessons through the owners (piano, voice, theory, musical theatre), however, we do not offer camp virtually. 

8. REFUND Policy

- If you have an emergency or scheduling conflict with the dates of your registration, we can offer to move your child to another week of camp where space allows. 

Camp Clips!

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